What is Spectre and Meltdown?

You may have heard the words Spectre and Meltdown in the press recently.  It’s mobilised every IT technician and datacentre across the world to update their systems and secure against possible threats.

But what are these threats and is it something you need to be concerned about?

Put simply, every computer manufactured in the last 20 years, whether it be a PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone or Server, has a fundamental flaw which potentially allows an attacker to read data from the computers memory.


What does that mean for my data?

The systems at XEDI are proactively monitored and patched against every emerging threat.  This is true in this instance too.  As soon as the issue was made public by Google’s Project Zero team, our engineers took all necessary steps to ensure your data is completely secure.

The unique way that your data is stored made impact of the the issue significantly less.  All data on our systems are encrypted at rest, meaning we don’t store data in a plain text.  This keeps it extra secure in the unlikely event the systems were compromised.

Furthermore, this encrypted data is transported over secure connections when in transit, meaning the data is illegible to any would-be attacker and is only able to be understood by our own systems.


That’s reassuring.  So what now?

Our dedicated security experts will continue to practice the highest possible industry standards in data security, to ensure your EDI documents are completely secure from attack.  Our data centres comply with ISO 27001 so you can be confident that every measure is taken to keep your data safe from prying eyes.

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