EDI Slack Integration

EDI Slack Integration is the latest tool to come out of the XEDI skunkworks.  XEDI have always been on the forefront of EDI technology with the ethos of systems working together seamlessly.  Slack share this same vision with their application, bringing teams together.

Slack has been a fundamental tool to the development team here at XEDI, so integrating it into our platform was a natural step to take.


What is Slack?

Slack is an application that lets teams collaborate on tasks in a more organised way.  Teams can organise tasks into #Channels, allowing the team members to keep all the relevant conversation, links, and attachments in one place.  Members of the organisation can also private message each other and all the content is searchable.  This is what makes it a perfect fit for organisations big and small, and also a perfect integration partner for EDI Slack integration.

EDI Slack Integration

What does this mean for my business?

Having a fully integrated supply chain is great.  But sometimes, it’s a little too quiet and it’s nice to keep an eye on the wheels turning.  Having notifications pushed into a Slack channel gives you and your team a single point of reference and is effectively a log of what files have come in and out of your EDI system.  Expecting an order from your trading partner?  Slack notifications are great for keeping tabs on incoming documents at a glance.

How can I get it?

It’s very simple to set up and doesn’t require any technical expertise.  To get notification of new documents in your XEDI inbox, simply connect to Slack, select which channel you want notifications to be sent to, and voila, all future notifications will appear in there.

Efficient Integration Made Simple: Instant Access for Your Supply Chain