Document Message Tracking or DMT© is a propitiatory technology developed by and exclusively available to XEDI customers.

So what is DMT© all about.  Simply, on a VAN based EDI network, EDI documents are sent in a fire and forget fashion.  There is nothing to say that the invoice you have sent has reached its destination, without lodging a support ticket with the network providers.  As you can imagine, when you send and receive many EDI documents as we do, their inbox would be on fire.

With traditional EDI software, the first you would hear of a failure would be when your invoice has gone unpaid and you’re wondering what is going on.  Your EDI provider would then investigate the issue and in some cases, the invoice has become so old that they are now unable to track it.

In response to our customers concerns, we decided to develop a system that would automatically monitor each and every EDI document passing through the system, ensuring they reached their destination.


EDI Document Message Tracking

This technology gives our support team deep insight into your EDI documents, proactively reducing the risks of missing orders and unpaid invoices.

This information is currently visible to our support team, however, we intend to make this information available to XEDI customers in their dashboards in the near future.

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